Sinus Surgery Outcomes


It is important that all surgeons are able to assess the effectiveness of their work. There is a great emphasis on this in the modern NHS. There are various methods of doing so, and will depend on the particular type of surgery being performed.

For sinus and nasal problems, one of the most commonly used and accepted PROMs (Patient Related Outcome Measures)  is the validated SNOT-22 questionnaire.


Please click the link above to access the questionnaire. Completing this will give you an idea of the severity of your symptoms. The higher the score, the worse the symptoms.

However, the most useful aspect of this questionnaire is the change in the score after a period of time, or after a treatment has been given (whether this is medication or surgery).

Although the use of PROMs for ENT procedures is still in its early stages, we monitor our patients’ symptoms by asking them to fill in this questionnaire at clinic appointments. In doing so, he is able to tailor treatment for individual patients in order to bring about the best outcomes for them.

In many instances, patients with chronic rhinosinusitis will require surgery.

Below are the most recent available 3-month outcomes for patients who have received sinus surgery under Mr Sunkaraneni’s care. This data will be updated from time to time, so do check back!

pre-op table

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